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    We all know that dental work can be expensive. Even simple procedures like a cleaning can really add up, and the cost of more complex procedures can go through the roof! Your oral health is very important, so instead of putting off the dental work you need, choosing a dental insurance plan to offset costs is your best option. A comprehensive dental insurance plan can help ensure that you and your family get the dental care you need.

    Choosing a dental plan that’s right for you is important and there are several different factors to consider. A dental insurance plan will provide coverage to help pay for certain kinds of dental work. Dental policies can help the insured person pay for a portion and sometimes all of the dental work that they need to have done.

    Dental insurance is similar to health insurance, but usually with much lower premiums. But unlike health insurance, dental insurance can vary in terms of what is covered. If you don’t have group dental coverage, then an individual dental insurance policy is your best option.

    It’s smart to shop around and compare the different individual plans available. Make sure to get price quotes and policy details and talk to a knowledgeable insurance agent like the professionals at Cop Girl Insurance to help you understand the options available.

    It’s also important to determine which dentists are in your network and if they accept the insurance plan you choose. If you go to an in-network dentist, your dental plan will usually pay 100% of preventative care like exams, X-rays and cleanings. Other procedures like filings, root canals and extractions are usually covered at around 80%. More complicated procedures like crowns, bridges, implants and gum disease treatment are often only covered at 50%.

    Cop Girl Insurance offers dental insurance policies with all the dental benefits you and your family will need. We can help you find policies that offer flexible options and lower out-of-pocket expenses and still cover the procedures and preventative work you need. Contact Cop Girl Insurance and let us help you choose a dental policy built specifically to fit the needs of you and your family.

    "Working with Myra has been a delight! Every problem or question I had, Myra was right there for me. She was extremely knowledgeable about the plans that were available. I will continue working with Cop Girl Health Insurance for as long as I can!"

    —Lorri S.

    "Myra is AWESOME! I was running out of time being kicked off of my parents insurance plan and very overwhelmed. She found the perfect plan for me that is affordable and covers all of my healthcare needs! Such a wonderful experience."

    —Hannah G. 

    "Myra is full of energy and excited to help others with knowledge about their health insurance options. She was so knowledgeable and detailed with information for our family's needs. She is definitely your insurance girl!"

    —Julia F.


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