Don’t Let Your Health Hurt Your Wealth! 

  • Do you have health insurance, and yet are paying everything out of pocket, and with no benefits until you reach a super high deductible?
  • Do you feel frustrated with your limited HMO plan and unable to pick your own doctors and hospitals?
  • Are you self employed and overwhelmed with finding the right coverage, or stuck on an expensive COBRA plan that is about to expire?


Medical Insurance

Health insurance policies with nationwide PPO networks, so you can pick your own providers. Policies that offer flexible deductible options and low out of pocket expenses. Policies that cover your everyday care, as well as the catastrophic. Policies built specifically to fit the needs of you and your family.

Dental Insurance

Pick your own dentist! Full coverage towards all preventatives, like cleanings and x-rays. Great benefits and coverage towards other your dental needs such as cavities, root canals, crowns, etc. Dental coverage at affordable rates.

Vision Insurance

Pick your own eye doctor! Full coverage towards all preventatives, like eye exams. Great benefits and coverage towards your vision needs, such as frames, lenses, and contacts. Very low deductibles.


When disaster strikes, such as accidents, cancer, or heart attacks, these events can have life changing effects. Expenses can come up that are not covered by medical insurance, such as miscellaneous expenses or you become unable to work. Supplemental insurance can protect your pocket book from these events, and give you extra cash when you need it most.

Hi, I’m Myra Draaven

I have a strong military and law enforcement background, which makes me much more skilled and experienced at solving people’s problems and finding solutions when people are in crisis than your average advisor. When it comes to helping people with finding health insurance, I use that same level of compassion and determination to help solve the issues they face when finding health insurance. My law enforcement background has also helped me develop excellent people skills, most importantly, since I come from a service background, working as a protector of my community, then I am already an expert at providing customer service to my clients and their needs. I use integrity and honor in all aspects of how I conduct my business with my clients.

I help self employed, freelance professionals and small business owners build their own unique health insurance plans for their family or small office team that they are unable to obtain in a traditional manner while helping to make informed insurance coverage decisions using my Health Care Benefits Mapping Process.

Have you found yourself having these feelings:


❌Frustrated from being unable to afford to offer health insurance benefits for your employees due to group/commercial coverage rates.

❌ Stressed from being responsible for finding your own health insurance benefits as you cannot access them through an employer?

❌Tired of not being able to pick your care providers from doctors to hospitals in case of emergencies?

Perhaps you never had the chance to find a trusted authority in the Health Insurance education and planning space.

Perhaps you are too busy to get the chance to sit down and think about these important aspects of your business that may go overlooked.

Well, I’m very proud to say that thanks to the expertise and work done as the Founder at Cop Girl Health Insurance, I can help you with things like:

✔ Health insurance plans for small business owners that are much more affordable than the standard commercial/group coverage rates. Clients on average save tens of thousands of dollars a year off of their employee’s health insurance premiums compared to commercial insurance rates.

✔ Take the burden off of you to find the right health insurance plan for YOU by navigating the health insurance industry for you, finding the best option to fit your medical and financial needs.

✔ Access to nationwide coverage so you can use your plan and be protected, even if you travel from state to state. Also, since it is a PPO policy you can pick and choose your own doctors and hospitals without being required to get a referral from your primary care doctor.

To learn more about how we can help you reach business stability, please scroll down to the bottom of this page and fill out the new client contact form and I will reach out to you to schedule a meeting! Look forward to assisting you!

Our Process—How We Help You



Connect with the client and share a brief introduction to get to know one another. Build rapport and get to know my client as a person to help establish trust and a strong working relationship. Gather initial information to begin process.


Access Needs

Share a detailed discussion with the client by asking questions to gather information on their wants, their medical needs, and their financial budget. This information can help us better assist the client in finding the best health insurance options that fit their specific needs.


Search Solution

We take the information we gathered from the client and use that information to navigate the health insurance options, and find them a plan that best fits their needs.


Present Solution

Once we have found the best health insurance option, we then schedule a time with the client to go over the plan in detail with a presentation. Often times via computer screen share while talking on the phone. We can also do in person upon client’s request.


Implement Solution

After the presentation of the policy, if the client is happy with the policy chosen and decides to purchase the plan, then we assist the client by walking them through the application process together. During the application the client gets to choose any start date of their choice as long as it is within 60 days of the date of the application.


Follow Up

Once the application is complete, the client becomes a lifelong customer and we continue to serve them as their own personal agent. This helps our clients avoid dealing with the company’s 1-800 number, and instead gets to communicate with the person they already know….their agent.

"Working with Myra has been a delight! Every problem or question I had, Myra was right there for me. She was extremely knowledgeable about the plans that were available. I will continue working with Cop Girl Health Insurance for as long as I can!"

—Lorri S.

"Myra is AWESOME! I was running out of time being kicked off of my parents insurance plan and very overwhelmed. She found the perfect plan for me that is affordable and covers all of my healthcare needs! Such a wonderful experience."

—Hannah G. 

"Myra is full of energy and excited to help others with knowledge about their health insurance options. She was so knowledgeable and detailed with information for our family's needs. She is definitely your insurance girl!"

—Julia F.

“We are a true success when we help others become successful” 

COBRA Delimna

I had a client who was on a COBRA insurance plan for their family, paying over $2,100 a month! They were desperately needing to find a plan that was more affordable, but still allowed them to see their current doctors. Thankfully I was able to find them a plan with a PPO network so they could keep their doctors, and saved them over $1,000 a month on their new policy.

Mother of Three

I have a female client, and mother of 3 children who I set up with health insurance over a year ago. Unfortunately, after only a couple months later, she was diagnosed with breast cancer and had to undergo many treatments. After a year of treatments, her medical bills racked up to over a million dollars! But thankfully, since she had great insurance, she was only out of pocket $7,000 for the entire year, instead of 1 million!


One of my youngest clients, a 20 year old female attending college, was suddenly diagnosed with gallbladder disease and was later hospitalized, and underwent an inpatient surgery. The overall bill was over $85,000 for the procedure and hospital fees. But thankfully, my client was only out of pocket $9,500 and the insurance paid all of the rest. She realized that even the youngest and healthiest people need insurance

Adding a Spouse & Children

A common problem some people face is having insurance through their employer, but find it too expensive to add their spouse and children. I have helped many families with this issue. One of my clients, a man who was covered through his employer, and at a low monthly rate, but found it was going to cost over $1,000 to add his wife and kids. I was able to assist him by keeping him on his work insurance, and then finding a separate, yet still comparable insurance plan for his wife and children, thus saving him several hundred dollars a month.

College Children

Some of my clients have children who are now in college and attending school out of state. However, many of these people have their family on HMO plans, so their child in college is unable to use the insurance while attending school out of state. I was able to help families like this by setting up the family with a PPO network policy, giving them nationwide coverage and allowing their children attending an out of state school to still be able to use their insurance coverage.

Healthshares Are Not Insurance

Many people are shocked by the prices of today’s health insurance costs, so oftentimes people look for ways to save money by getting on “Healthshares” or “Medishares” instead of traditional insurance. However, many people are unaware of the risks they take going with a healthshare type plan. Those times of plans are not legally bound to pay your claims, so if one year you have a major incident and have a $50,000 bill, then there is always a chance that the healthshare will not have enough money at that time to pay your claim, and thus the clients are stuck with the $50,000 bill. Healthshares are not REAL insurance


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